Uniroyal Marine Exports Limited has one of the most sophisticated and best laid out plants with a capacity to produce over 13,100 tonnes of IQF and 4,000 tonnes of block frozen seafood annually. Rich marine resources, unpolluted waters and modern processing plants today, make India’s seafood choices the world over.

Uniroyal’s strength lies in experienced promoters – the renowned Baby Marine Exports, allied Companies, associates – and the infrastructure to procure, handle and transport the catch in a fresh condition. Strong bond with major row material suppliers, established purchase network all along India’s sea coasts, dedicated pre-processing units and ice factories, a fleet of refrigerated and insulated/trailers/trucks, ammle cold storage facilities, last but not the least, our experienced and competent personnel puts us in a prominent position in the international seafood map.


  • To be the best and the most competitive integrated Seafood exporter in India


  • We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality seafood products available in the market place. We must do this efficiently and profitably in order to be a sustainable business enterprise.

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